E+L systems on the Roller head line


1. Master web detection/Width Measurement | 2. Hole detection/inspection | 3. Thickness Measurement | 4A. Edge trim (2 motors) | 4B. Slave trim (4 motors) | 5. Nose detection | 6. Complexer (cold/hot) | 7. Conveyor belt guiding | 8. Traversing Thickness Measurement | 9. Liner guiding with tension control | 10. Rewinder guiding 

  • Innerliner or Squeegee
  • Detection of holes
  • Inspection of holes
  • Online profile measurement by fast non-contact lasersensor
  • Comparison with specifications
Dickenmessung an der Roller Head Anlage
  • Precise positioning by fast servomotor
  • Backed by Ethernet and web based management technology
  • Innerliner or Squeegee
  • Reliable detection of noses
  • Ignores defects around nose
  • Masterweb detection for complexer
  • Gum strip application in hot and cold area
  • Precise, variable strip position Is able to handle up to 4 strips
  • Automatic pre-positioning
  • Minimal operator interference
  • Customized to adapt the space on existing conveyor

To guide a running web on a conveyor belt by center line, detection of the edges with CCD cameras or infrared wide band sensor and AG9 actuator.

  • High precission thickness measurement
  • Thickness profile with traversing sensor
  • Output signal for thickness control
  • Optional with tension control
  • Integrated loadcell
  • Single sided sensor for easy liner handling
  • Compact guider
  • Integrated to existing network

One operator interface OP 36 is required per system.